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AA Monthly Chips

AA 24 Hour and Monthly sobriety Chips & Medallions

Hi there Bill and Teresa. 

Thanks for your lovely email.  I’m no longer the coin secretary at our Sunday group, but I have always found your website and your quick response very easy and helpful.  I especially like the idea that one can pay by PayPal as so many of us has this facility now and it's incredibly easy to use. 

At the moment I think how you have your website is just right.  It's clear and straightforward to use which is ideal for us souls in recovery!  I could not say that I would want it improved in anyway. 
I hope this is helpful to the both of you.  Thank you also for your support whilst I have used you for our very valuable chip meeting.
With kind regards.

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Coffeepot 24

Coffee Pot 24 Hour Welcome Chip

A welcome chip in aluminium

One the front is a coffee pot with 24 on the cup, with the slogan ‘Keep Coming Back’

On the reverse the slogan:

There are no strangers here only friends we haven’t met.


24 Hour AA Sobriety Chip

THE most important one of all.

1 Month AA Sobriety Chip

One sobriety month chip

2 Month AA Sobriety Chip

Two months sobriety chip


3 Month AA Sobriety Chip

Three months sobriety chip

4 Month AA Sobriety Chip

Four months sobriety chip

5 Month AA Sobriety Chip

Five Month Sobriety Chip

6 Month AA Sobriety Chip

Six months sobriety chip

7 Month AA Sobriety Chip

Seven months sobriety chip

8 Month AA Sobriety Chip

Eight months sobriety chip

9 Month AA Sobriety Chip

Nine months sobriety chip

10 Month AA Sobriety Chip

Ten months sobriety chip

11 Month AA Sobriety Chip

Eleven month sobriety chip

All 12

24 Hours to 11 months inclusive

All the first year monthly coins in a single pack

24 Hours through to 11 months inclusive

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To order by 'phone call 01723 362111

To order by text, send your name and number to 07830 208318